Phishing Alert: March 2

Technology has become aware of a new phishing scam. If you see a message similar to the one shown below, please do not click the links or respond to the e-mail. Just delete the message.

phishing email March 2

Clearing Web Browser Cache / Data / History

Clear Cache and Carry On

In general, it is a good practice to periodically clear the web browser cache / data / history (for simplicity purposes of this article, I am using these words interchangeably).  To provide a better (quicker and more responsive) experience, web browsers often store browsing data when users are accessing websites.  However, this benefit can also be a hindrance at times as website content often changes, and web browsers may store form data different from what the user intends to enter later.  When a large amount of data is in web browser cache, website browsing can often be a slower experienc

Important: Google Chrome Browser Security Update

We have been advised of a critical update that needs to be made for Google Chrome Browser.

TBR advised us that a highly expolitable Google Chrome vulnerability was issued.

It is important for everyone to check to make sure their Chrome browser has been updated to the latest version to patch this vulnerability.

To do this please follow the steps below. If you have any problems, please call the Technology Service Desk at 697-3375.

New Printer/Copier PIN Number

All faculty/staff will be receiving a specific PIN number for printing and copying to the new printers. These are being sent to you by email and the “From” addressee will be This Pin# is to ensure confidentiality when printing.  Each individual will have their own PIN#. The PIN#s should be sent out starting today.

IP Phone Online Training Now Available

phone header image

New phone system training is now available online and includes video training along with supplemental materials. Click the link below to go directly to the training page:

IP Phone Training