Mobile Device Access to E-Mail

Need e-mail access on your mobile device?

Mobile Device E-mail Access Policy

Due to data-security requirements as set forth in the Campus Policies and Procedures manual and FERPA guidelines, Chattanooga State IT Services has established a standardized policy for mobile device access to Chattanooga State E-mail services.

Use of a mobile device to retrieve e-mail is allowed with the following guidelines:

1. Policy Review Review the following policies:

2. Support User is responsible for support issues on personal devices. Various device setup instructions are provided in the set-up section below.

3. Password Security The user MUST secure the device with a password - either alphanumeric, PIN, or pattern-based.

4. Lost/Stolen Device In the event your device is lost or stolen, change your campus login password (see instructions below on how to reset password). Immediately contact the help desk at 697-3375. A factory reset on your device will be initiated, which will restore your device to it's default ("out-of-the-box") settings.

All e-mail information resides on the Chattanooga State E-mail server. A factory reset of your device will not remove your e-mail from the server.

Instructions: Mobile Access to Campus E-mail

Visit the links below for instructions on setting up your campus e-mail: