Procedure for Requesting Technology Resources

With the on-going concern about the COVID-19 virus, we are continuing to try to provide technology systems for faculty, staff and students. If you need a system, device, web cam, display, Mi-Fi, network cable, or other technology resource, the Technology Division has created an easy-to-use process for requesting technology resources:

Stopping "Microsoft Account Problem" Issue

The Technology Division has become aware of an issue where a message is popping up on desktop machines that says "Microsoft Account Problem" (see below):

Microsoft account problem screenshot

To stop these notifications, please follow the following procedure:

1. Click on Start / Settings (the gear in the left column).

2. Click on System.

3. Click on Shared Experiences in the left column.

4. Turn off Nearby Sharing and Share across devices.

Phishing Alert: August 20

Technology has become aware of a phishing e-mail that has been going around. If you see the following e-mail message, please do not click ANY of the links, download any attachments, or reply to the e-mail. Just delete the message:

Phishing Alert August 20

Phishing Alert: August 15

Technology has become aware of new phishing scams. If you see messages similar to the ones shown below, please do not click the links or respond to the e-mails. Just delete the messages.

SSB "Connection Not Fully Secure" Workaround

Due to browser updates, you may be seeing a "Connection Not Fully Secure" message when trying to connect to Self-Service Banner (similar to the message below).

Insecure connection screen

The Technology Division is aware of the issue and we are working to correct this issue. In the meantime, please consider using one of the temporary measures outlined below: